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On 14 August in further discussions with his military leadership he cited the enemy’s “scientific power,” a reference to the atomic bomb, and the Soviet intervention. This was his only reference to the Soviet intervention he made in this period and it is joined with the atomic bomb. In his Imperial Rescript broadcast to the Japanese people on 15 August announcing his decision to end the war the Emperor spoke explicitly on only one point, the enemy’s use of a “new and most cruel bomb, the power of which to do damage is indeed incalculable, taking the toll of many innocent lives.” There was no reference to Soviet intervention. Six months later the Emperor dictated a lengthy statement, Showa Tenno Dokuhakuroku, on his role in the decision to surrender. This statement was kept secret and not released until after his death in 1989. In it he mentions a number of concerns that motivated his decision including fear the Japanese race would not survive a prolonged war, fear for the survival of the national polity, and fear of American capture of sacred symbols of the divine status of the Imperial line. The Soviet intervention is not cited as a specific concern.

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I know Frank’s book, but there are other books as well, with other evidence. It is a complex issue of archival record and interpretation, not to be resolved in a blog comment discussion.

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I almost agree with quotation of Frank’s book.

Probably soviet intervention also contributed. And probably all other factors are considered within military leadership even they were not explicitly reffed. But A-bomb was indeed a big part of that.

I would like to add how exceptional was that debate. Like Canadian governor, Japanese Emperor usually does not participate politics at all. When government and highest circle of military, could not reach to a consensus on the surrender, PM Suzuki asked emperor’s opinion as a final choice, at the very end of the meeting. It was probably the only case of asking opinion of the Emperor. In that sense, A-bomb also changed the form of highest circle.

Same as most of Japanese, I hope such thing never happened. In same time, I understand that there were more victim in Asia and probably I doubt that demonstration was better for Japan.

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Excellent post, Alex. It raises so many issues, I hardly know where to begin.

Leo Szilard, who had thought longest and most deeply about these issues, changed his view during the war. In a January 14, 1944 letter to Vannevar Bush, he wrote that the postwar peace would depend on the fact that “atomic bombs have actually been used in this war and the fact of their destructive power has deeply penetrated the mind of the public.”

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Winner of the ePals Choice Award for the Spark!Lab Dr. InBae Yoon Invent It Challenge Announced

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We are pleased to announce the ePals Choice Award Winner for this year’s challenge. Come check out our winner and celebrate the spirit of innovation by exploring the many stimulating and creative entries in our Submission Gallery.

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Thank you to all the students around the world that submitted videos sharing amazing inventions to solve environmental problems!

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With 218565 votes, we are thrilled to announce that Fidha and Mecha have been chosen as the ePals Choice Award Winner for their video about The Sounds of Anklets: A Valluvanadan Tapestry. View our winner and all of this year’s submissions on our Journee Collection Womens Laser Cut Stacked Heel Booties Grey bdrDQbxf
of traditions.

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We have a winner! Find out who won and fereshte Womens PointedToe Super High Stiletto Heels Patent Leather Ankle Buckle Strap Pumps Silver Z5NWaXXuj1

Find out who won the 2016 ePals Choice Award and view amazing submissions from around the world. AmoonyFashion Womens Soft Leather Round Closed Toe Solid LowTop Low Heels Boots Red fKYWSqxim6

Previous Challenges

2016 Invent It ChallengeOur young inventors astounded us all solving problems such as preventing overmedication and frostbite and the need for physical exercise.
2015 Folklorist ChallengeMeet tradition bearers around the world such as a Idol Maker in India and a Lowrider in the USA.
2015 Invent It ChallengeOur young inventors astounded us all solving problems such as distracted driving and the need for clean water access.

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